Feeling The Love

Hi Everyone! Big Announcement – we’ve graduated from the “School of Love!” We took February very seriously and became “Romance Specialists”. Planning Honeymoons, Weddings, Anniversaries and Lovers’ Getaways have been our main focus for the month of love. What does this mean?  We now have the answers for the most romantic luxury cruises or best bungalow in Bora Bora. Read below to learn about our dream romantic getaways.

MAUREEN: It may be the unpacking once or maybe the ease and comfort of the product, but Maureen and her husband (Dan) love traveling on water. With this passion, Maureen is now a graduate of the Seabourn Academy. Here is what she finds most romantic about cruising on Seabourn. 
  • World class luxury liner with less than 500 people on board to keep the atmosphere intimate.
  • High touch customer service offering room service for those lazy mornings. 
  • Veranda suites with a large balcony for stargazing at night. 
Maureen & Dan will now celebrate their October anniversary on Seaborn sailing Vancouver to LA.  Stay tuned for more first hand experiences from Mo on this product of love!
LAUREN: After 4 years at Babson College, Lauren never thought her next degree would be in Romance. But since the beginning of this year Romance Travel has become Lauren’s #1 seller and as a result is a Certified Tahiti Specialist. Here are some great tips for Honeymoon planning in Tahiti:

  • Best rates are during their low season (spring/ fall) 
  • Keep the “WOW” accomodations (overwater bungalows) for last few nights
  • Don’t forget about other islands outside of Bora Bora, such as Taha’a. 
Right now Lauren does not have plans – but she has dreams, and MoGo Travel makes dreams come true! 

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