Feeling The Love

Hi Everyone! Big Announcement – we’ve graduated from the “School of Love!” We took February very seriously and became “Romance Specialists”. Planning Honeymoons, Weddings, Anniversaries and Lovers’ Getaways have been our main focus for the month of love. What does this mean?  We now have the answers for the most romantic luxury cruises or best bungalow in Bora Bora. Read below to learn about our dream romantic getaways.

MAUREEN: It may be the unpacking once or maybe the ease and comfort of the product, but Maureen and her husband (Dan) love traveling on water. With this passion, Maureen is now a graduate of the Seabourn Academy. Here is what she finds most romantic about cruising on Seabourn. 
  • World class luxury liner with less than 500 people on board to keep the atmosphere intimate.
  • High touch customer service offering room service for those lazy mornings. 
  • Veranda suites with a large balcony for stargazing at night. 
Maureen & Dan will now celebrate their October anniversary on Seaborn sailing Vancouver to LA.  Stay tuned for more first hand experiences from Mo on this product of love!
LAUREN: After 4 years at Babson College, Lauren never thought her next degree would be in Romance. But since the beginning of this year Romance Travel has become Lauren’s #1 seller and as a result is a Certified Tahiti Specialist. Here are some great tips for Honeymoon planning in Tahiti:

  • Best rates are during their low season (spring/ fall) 
  • Keep the “WOW” accomodations (overwater bungalows) for last few nights
  • Don’t forget about other islands outside of Bora Bora, such as Taha’a. 
Right now Lauren does not have plans – but she has dreams, and MoGo Travel makes dreams come true! 

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Food and drink experiences go hand-in-hand with vacation planning. From guacamole and tequila classes in Mexico to macaroon baking classes in France – we all love to experience new cultures through local food and spirits. At MoGo Travel, many of our clients request cooking classes or food tours at their destination. Read below to learn tips on finding your sweet spot when traveling. 

Maureen loves to have a professional local guide take her to some of the hot spots around town for authentic bites and drinks. Here are some of Maureen’s favorite food/ drink tours that she books for clients and 100% recommends:
  • Tapas Walking Tour in Spain: Learn the history of Spanish tapas while tasting a few of the most famous items. 
  • Florence Market Visit and Cooking Class: Shop with the chef in a local market, then take fresh produce and local specialties back to the cooking school to make a home made meal. 
Lauren prefers to “explore on her own” and see where the wind takes her in terms of local recommendations.  Here are some of her favorite watering holes and cooking classes around the world. 
  • Frog’s Leap Winery in Napa Valley, California.Sit on their backyard porch while sipping their signature tasting menu. 
  • Dingle Cookery School in Ireland. Ireland is proud of their food resurgence and Mark Murphy (owner) offers cooking classes and chefs table experiences to have you believing that Ireland is more than just beer. 


Transitioning from 2017 to 2018

Sometime to move ahead you have to look behind.

MoGo Travel is fortunate to have the best job in the world by making your travel dreams come true. In 2017, MoGo Travel created 140 trips worldwide! Here are some fun facts on where our clients vacationed in 2017 -maybe it will spark some 2018 vacation plans. 

Maureen Celli: 860-670-3612                /          Lauren Celli: 860-670-0460
MoGo Travel Around the World
Europe was the most popular requested destination for MoGo Travel in 2017. Within Europe, Italy was the #1 destination, but Spain and Ireland were a close second. The country with the highest number of bookings was Mexico. Over 25 resort reservations were made throughout Cancun, Tulum, Riviera Maya and Cabo San Lucas. Finally, Hawaii was the #1 destination for domestic travel, with Disney coming in second. 

Land vs. Water

Out of the 140 trips in 2017, 64.7% of them were land based – which included small & large tours, personal drivers and foreign independent travelers. 

Sea cruising, both big and small ships, made up 22.3% of the 2017 bookings. 

The largest increase in type of travel was European River Cruising, making up 12.9% of our 2017 bookings. 

Finally, 100% of these trips created life-long memories.


Plan Ahead: 

2018 is already well on it’s way with over 60 bookings scheduled. We even have some really epic bucket list trips that have been booked for 2019 like African Safaris!  There is no time like the present to begin the process of booking your next trip – even if it’s just a quick hello – we love hearing from you.


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Travel Reports and Tips

December Issue: Travel Reports

Did you miss us last month?  November is the time of the year travel agents are invited by suppliers to go on “site visits” and familiarize themselves with new hotels, cruise boats and destinations. 
Maureen and Lauren (Mini MoMo) both chose different destinations for their research trip. Read below to learn more about their trips and Hot Tips.Also, don’t forget to “like” our MoGo Travel Facebook Page and see how Lauren packed for 18 days abroad: @MoGoTravel Service
Maureen opted for the warm Caribbean for her research trip. Her destination was Turks & Caicos and she split her five days between two resorts.  Here are her tips on this island. 

  • Top Beaches of the World: Grace Bay Beach has been voted as one of the top ten beaches in the world. People love this beach because of it’s calm crystal blue waters and accessibility to town. Long Bay Beach is less crowded, has several hours of low tide where you can wade quite a distance and provides the prefect breeze for kite surfers. 
  • Hurricane Damage: Turks & Caicos lost some palm trees & foliage, but most hotels are open and the beaches look pristine!
  • Resorts: This island offers a range of resort options from all-inclusive to luxury. For an all-inclusive resorts, you cannot beat Beaches (voted World’s Best All Inclusive-19 years in a row), and is a mecca for family vacations. The Palms at Grace Bay Beach is the perfect luxury getaway for couples celebrating milestone birthdays or special anniversaries and will guarantee a “WOW”. The Long Bay Beach at the Shore Club is the newest and most beautiful resort on the island, bar none. This resort is on the same level of the Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton. The beach is literally your own little paradise while the pool has this zen like feeling . If you really want to detach but live in luxury – this is your place. 

Final MoGo Thoughts: Turks & Caicos is not known for bargains, but if there was ever a year to get a great deal it’s 2018. The hotels want guests to know the island is open for business and there are a lot of great promotions.  

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Lauren spent 18 days over in Europe, visiting 5 different countries. Here are her tips from each country. 

  • Dublin (Ireland)The food scene in Ireland has really picked up. Either take a cooking class or treat yourself to a nice meal to go along with your pint of Guinness. 
  • Prague (Czech Republic): Stroll along the Charles Bridge at night and make a wish at the statue of St. John. Also, grab a Pilsner beer with the locals at Pivnice U Glaubicu  
  • Passau (Germany): Check out the 2nd largest working organ in the world at the Cathedral of St. Stephen. 
  • Vienna (Austria): Sit at the bar at Demel cafe and try the Austrian dessert, Sacher torte, and make sure to get a look at the chefs at work. 
  • Budapest (Hungary):  Save some room in your luggage for shopping at the Central Market Hall, which is the largest covered food market in Budapest. 

Final Mini MoGo Thoughts: Early November is the perfect time to visit Europe. While you roll the dice on weather, you are guaranteed less crowded streets and better access to the “must-visit” sites.  Plus, prices are about 30% less than the summer “high season”. Less Crowds + Bigger Savings = Happy Travelers! 

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Shared Trip Pictures

October Issue: Share Your Trip Pics 

MoGo Travel is a Mother & Daughter Travel Business, covering clients from Baby Boomers to Millennials. 
Summer may be gone, but that doesn’t mean we can not reminisce about our summer vacations. Here are a few of our favorites pictures that our clients recently submitted. We love hearing feedback and seeing your photos – so please keep them coming.  Also, check out our Facebook Page for more client photos and their trip reviews. 
Family Disney Trip, September 2017
Pictures from the Rudolf Family
Trip: 7 day Disney World getaway
“Epcot was Mommy and Daddy’s favorite place. The girls enjoyed the history and all the Frozen Ever After rides.” 
“Akershus House was amazing with the Princess lunch/ We had a fabulous time. My youngest was grinning ear to ear to meet her favorite princess, Repunzel!”


Spectacular Italy, September 2017
Pictures from Dianne and Scott Cook
Trip: 20 day land and cruise adventure 
A scenic view from Castello Brown in Portofino, Italy- one of Scott & Dianne’s favorite Mediterranean villages on the Italian Riviera.
Scott and Dianne Cook enjoying a hands on pasta making class with a local Tuscany chef. Delizioso!


Scandinavian Adventure, September 2017
Pictures from Kathy Santili & Charles Devito
Trip: 12 day tour from Copenhagen to Stockholm 
Image of sculptures at the Vigeland Park -the world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist, while touring Norway. 
The Sognefjord, nicknamed the King of the Fjords, is the largest and deepest fjord in Norway. Kathy took this picture while on a ferry ride in Norway. 


Voyage of the Vikings Cruise, August 2017
Pictures from Rolene and Hal Johnson 
Trip: 38 day Holland America European Cruise 
Glacier in Prince Christian Sound, Greenland
Waterfall in Iceland feeding into the river. 


Girls Getaway to Napa, July 2017
Pictures from Lauren Celli & College Friends
Trip: 4 day getaway to Napa, Yountville & Sonoma.
College girlfriends working off the wine & cheese by biking to wine tastings at Frogs Leap & Caymus.
Chateau St. Jean in Sonoma offers one of the best wine & cheese pairings with the most beautiful views.

Winter Vacation

September Issue: Winter Vacation Deals


Warm weather may still be here, but don’t be fooled – it won’t be around for long. Maureen will share advice and experience for family travel, while Lauren will give tips and deals for millennial travelers. 

MoGo Travel Facebook Page: @MoGoTravel Service

As a mother of two I know the importance of a family getaway during the cold winter months. Here are my tips to all the parents out there looking to book a winter school vacation:

  • How to Save $: All-inclusive hotels will save money for your family while providing options to keep everyone entertained. 
  • How to Choose a Destination: Supply and demand. Destinations like Mexico and Dominican Republic provide a lot of options with aggressive pricing. (See Promo Below)
  • Best time to Travel: April vacations will be less expensive than February breaks. 
  • My #1 Advice: Book early and book non-stop flights

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As a millennial, we want to make the most out of our PTO or school break days. To all college or post-college clients that are thinking about a winter escape, here are my tips: 

  • How to Save $: Travel with a group of friends to qualify for group discounts. (Usually requires 10 -12 ppl) 
  • How to Choose a Destination: Choose a destination within a 4 hour flight of your departure city. 
  • Best time to Travel: January or late March will give you a sunshine break while families have kids in school. 
  • My #1 Advice: Cruises are a great option for sunshine and exploring multiple destination. (See Promo Below) 

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We currently have a group booking block on March 23- April 2, 2018 that will give you extra benefits than booking as an individual. Visit six different islands and only buy a round trip ticket to Miami. 

River Cruising

August Issue: River Cruising


Welcome to the world of River Cruising. A River Cruise is the best way to experience the fairy-tale like villages and cultural heritage of Old World Europe with the ease of unpacking once.  This month Maureen and Lauren will share their favorite memories from a River Cruise trip. Below is a special River Cruise deal for MoGo clients to create their own River Cruise memories. Get to know all that a River Cruise includes by following our new Facebook Page: Mogo Travel Service

The Seine River Cruise from Paris to Normandy Beach was my favorite memory because of the combination of personal connection and access. The cruise we took had special access down the Honfleur Canal which allowed for a quick coach ride to Normandy Beach. Once we arrived, my husband (Dan) and I had all day to take in the memories and recount the stories of Dan’s father landing on this beach the day after D-Day. Thinking back on this memory still gives me goosebumps.

Favorite River Cruise Destination: Paris & Normandy 
Wish List River Cruise: Danube River – Christmas Markets
What I love about River Cruising: Unpack once
(860) 670-3612

My favorite memory was taking a painting class last April on a Rhone River Cruise. After spending the morning exploring Van Gogh’s town of Avignon, we returned to the boat where a local art teacher guided us through a  “Van Gogh inspired” painting session. I spent all afternoon painting sunflowers and cafe’s with a glass of crisp Chardonnay.  (see  final masterpiece on our Facebook page

Favorite River Cruise Destination: Provence, France 
Wish List River Cruise: Amsterdam on the Rhine
What I love about River Cruising: Biking riding along the river
(860) 670-0460


SPECIAL MONTH Deal- Starting at $2600 per person (double occupancy/ french balcony) for a once in lifetime 7-night Tulip Time Cruise – March 26, 2018 with AMA Waterways. (first come, first serve!)

MoGo ONLY DEAL: Free pre-cruise night hotel in the heart of Amsterdam if deposit is made by September 15, 2017. 

 Click here for full itinerary 

Contact Maureen at 860-670-3612 or Lauren at 860-670-0460 for more information.

 September issue: Alaska

Welcome and Costa Rica


July Issue: Welcome & Costa Rica


 Welcome to our new email blog. What makes this different  than the 100 other emails you get a day? This one will take  you 60 seconds or less to read (yes- we timed it) , and it  comes from two different perspectives;  a mother (baby  boomer) and her daughter (millennial). Get to know more about us below or check out our new Facebook Page: Mogo Travel Service

Maureen started the MoGo Travel Service 7 years ago. Since then her goal has been to provide the best travel advice and give unforgettable experiences to her clients. In this blog she will touch upon her favorite places to visit, as well as upcoming trends and ways to splurge on your dream vacation without breaking the bank.

Favorite Travel Spot: Italy 
Wish List: Danube River Cruise
What I love about Costa Rica:Hotel Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa – beautiful hotel! 

(860) 670-3612

Lauren joined MoGo Travel in 2016 as an expert in active adventure travel. Lauren’s goal is to collaborate with clients or groups and match them to the adventure of their dreams. In this blog she will provide the perspective of the 30 something year old with a tighter wallet and love for individual travel style. 

Favorite Travel Spot: Iceland
Wish List: Machu Picchu, Peru
What I love about Costa Rica: The adventure and activities (ATV, Zip Line, Surfing) 
(860) 670-0460


Costa Rica is a hot destination of the month. See pictures below of our trip to Costa Rica in 2011.
MoGo Travel Tip: Non-stop flights from Charlotte (4 hours with US Airways), Boston (5 hours with JetBlue) and New York ( 5 hours with multiple carriers).  

Check out our Facebook page MoGo Travel Service  for promotions and travel tips.  

Contact Maureen Celli at maureen@mogotravelservice.com or 860-670-3612 for more information.

 Next issue topic: River Cruising for all ages.